ZNetLive Hosting Review

#1  Need of products (e.g. what is the main features of Znetlive’s product?)

ZNetLive is a customer centric company, which not only aligns its products/services with advanced technology but also offers them on low costs in the industry. They offer complete business online solutions, including but not limited to –

Domains– First step in the row to start your business.

Web Hosting –Superior hosting services for different business sizes- shared hosting for startups, Cloud VPS hosting for small and medium businesses and dedicated hosting for SMBs and large businesses.

Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid Cloud – The latest Cloud technology which can help you in expanding and managing your business with ease and security.

Office365 –Tools which help you to manage your office on the go.

WordPress hosting– Most optimized hosting for WordPress blogs and sites.

SSL certificates– Helps you win your customer’s trust and establish credibility by safeguarding your website.

Moreover, their all products are powered with top-notch hardware, network security, maximum uptime and speed, i.e. all the elements which you need to maintain strong web presence.

#2  Server reliability & uptime scores (min past 4-5 month at least) statistics with snapshots

ZNetLive guarantees 99.9% network uptime to its customers.

Screenshot 1 for last 6 days uptime

Screenshot 1: For last 6 days uptime

Screenshot 2 For last 462 days uptime

Screenshot 2: For last 462 days uptime

#3  Server Upgrade options or Product upgrade

ZNetLive plans come with ease of upgradation-both product upgrades and server upgrades. If you feel that data of your website /blog is seeing heavy traffic or your CPU needs have grown with time, then you can always upgrade it to the next level.

For e.g. if shared hosting is not doing well enough for your business website/ blog, you can easily upgrade or switch to higher levels of hosting like VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting as per your requirements.

Also, they allow you to upgrade your server specifications/features to meet your heavy server usage like they provide you with options to increase your 8GB RAM to 16 GB RAM, or upgrade from single processor to dual processor.

#4  Multiple add-on / domain options

ZNetLive allows its customers to add multiple domains and unlimited subdomains as per their chosen shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated hosting plans for eg. if client opts for  Gold plan of shared hosting  then he is free to host unlimited websites.

#5  Product cost: signup vs renewal prices

They do not charge you extra for renewing your services with them. You pay same amount for renewal which you paid while signing up for the product or service with ZNetLive.

But, if you avail any discount-running on any particular product, during signing up (as discount is applicable only on first invoice) then you might feel that renewal prices are higher than sign up prices. But it is not the case, as you pay less on signup due to discount offerings and you pay original prices of the product while renewing the product/service. For example- sign up prices of .accountant domain is less than renewal prices, as you are saving 60.71% on its sign up prices.

ZNetLive Multi-year Domain Registration

ZNetLive Multi-year Domain Registration

#6  Refund policy

ZNetLive honors requests for refunds for the following two reasons:

  • Irreparable defects with the software: Although all the products are thoroughly tested before release, unexpected errors may occur.
  • Product not-as-described:  A request based on this reason is addressed on a case-by-case basis and subject to their approval. To prevent this kind of claim from arising, every customer is encouraged to check thoroughly- video overviews, demo links, product samples and screen shots of each type of the product offered before making a purchase. [Know more about their refund policy.]

#7  Extra features (like cron jobs, autoinstaller, htaccess config etc)

To provide fast, secure and flawless hosting experience to its customers, ZNetLive aligns various  relevant and valuable features, with its hosting plans for e.g. dedicated hosting plan is supplemented with rich features like  DDoS Protection , Enterprise SATA HDD, RAID 10 Storage ,Daily Cron jobs, SSD caching ,Google MOD PageSpeed and more.

Value added services like Phishing compromise alert service (powered by Netcraft), one basic SSL certificate, leading Auto Installer – Softaculous and more are provided free with your ZNetLive shared hosting account.

Multiple different free value added services and features are provided depending upon the product or service purchased.

#8  Ecommerce features if any-

To keep your e-commerce website up and running, ZNetLive offers a complete set of tools with its hosting plans. Tools like Softaculous, which help you install fast loading shopping cart for your online storefront, are offered free with their shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

Another tool-SSL certificates, protect your ecommerce transactions and are provided free on semi-annual and annual billing cycles of certain products and are also available for purchase, at a price.

#9  Hosting control panel introduction with snapshots

ZNetLive offers easy to use and powerful control panel with its hosting plans. Its graphical user interface and automation tools simplify web site management. They offer WebsitePanel, Plesk, and cPanel for website owners, system admin and also for developers.

Plesk control panel– ZNetLive offers highly advanced and customizable web management control panel- Parallels Plesk, the Linux Dedicated Hosting users– get Plesk’s Web Pro edition free of cost with Dedicated Servers. You can also avail cPanel at a very nominal price while placing the dedicated server order.

Control Panel Login Screen Page

Control Panel Login Screen

Control Panel Welcome Screen

Control Panel Welcome Screen

Control Panel Admin Screen

Control Panel Admin Screen

Plesk CP Login screen:

Plesk CP Login screen

Plesk CP Login screen

Plesk CP Admin login:

Plesk CP Admin login

Plesk CP Admin login

Reseller User Panel:

Reseller User Panel Screen

Reseller User Panel Screen

Customer User Panel:

Customer User Panel

Customer User Panel Screen

#10  Account suspension (What are the limitation? Cpu usage, mem usage etc)

Maximum 4% CPU resources & 50 MB RAM per account can be consumed in case of shared hosting and ZNetLive shall allow only 500 MB mail box size , 5 GB as total mail box size per domain. It is further clarified that in case of shared hosting maximum 250 mails can be sent per domain with total recipients 25 while mailing 25 mails per 5 min.

The below mentioned services / web content create undue system load on their servers. So all violations may result in account suspension and/or termination.

  • Under no circumstance is pornography permitted. Nudity, adult-oriented e-commerce stores, and similar are allowed if the content is legal in India. ZNetLive will be the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this provision.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) farms or similar are strictly forbidden on ZNet’s servers and networks. SEO farms create undue strain and resource abuse on any given server and affect all clients.
  • Banner rotation services and link exchange networks are not permitted. Know more.

#11  Environmental friendliness if any (Like green hosting) & testimonials of customers

ZNetLive takes environment seriously and is working towards becoming greener, reducing carbon footprint and helping customers become greener. Their Cloud hosting is environment friendly-green hosting. Their cloud servers are utilized up to full capacity that minimizes the idle time and saves energy of both company and environment.

Also, check their customer reviews here.

#12  Email provided along with hosting (How many, their space, features, upgrade if any)

They allow customers to create email Ids on their domain name. Quantity of email-ids vary according to the hosting plan chosen for e.g. You get 25 email Ids, 2048 MB Web space on Lite plus shared hosting plan but higher you go in plans like Silver plus or Gold Plan  you get unlimited email-Ids  and unlimited Webspace too.

Two other business email solutions provided by ZNetLive.

  • They also provide Business Email solutions-Starter and standard plans which come with 5GB space and 25 GB space respectively. Get to know ZNetLive Business Email hosting features here.
  • Want to communicate professionally, go for Office 365 Business Class email solution which comes with 50 GB storage per account.

#13  Subscription period (extension, expiration & deletion)

They provide domain registration, maximum for 10 years, and 5 years is the maximum billing period for other services including cloud VPS and dedicated server. However, it can vary monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually as per client requirements.

Expiration period-If client is unable to pay on time, ZNetLive provides 2 days grace period and then initiate suspension and termination service is initiated after 2 days of suspension initiation.

VPS, Dedicated & Cloud Server Suspension &Termination: ZNetLive reserves full right to suspend and terminate the hosting services on the payment due date. The client is solely responsible for paying ZNetLive on the due date of his/her services.  Also, ZNetLive holds the full right to suspend/terminate the shared hosting accounts that have domains with multiple ownerships. It is the owner’s responsibility to make timely renewal payments upon year end or as the case may be to avoid suspension or termination of account.

#14  Website backup (included or excluded with description)

ZNetLive is not responsible for files and data residing on their customers account. They perform nightly backups (3 times in a week for website/mail; daily for database) of shared and reseller server; however, these backups are for ZNetLive’s administrative purposes only. Customers are responsible for maintaining their own backups on their own personal computers.

They do their best to ensure complete and accurate backups, but assume no responsibility for this duty. It is client’s responsibility to take backup of his site on his personal computer. They make no guarantees about the availability of backups.

#15  And the last important thing is 24/7 Live Support

There are 3 central tenets to ZNetLive’s proprietary NodeFirst™ Support system-accountable, available and answerable .They provide 24/7 dedicated support with their six tier support architecture via your preferred way of communication i.e. phone, live chat and email. Their support is fast and very helpful.

ZNetLive also offers an intuitive Help Center complete with tutorials, a knowledgebase, and an FAQ section.

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