The top 6 reasons

The reason we can be so picky is there are a lot of benefits to writing for us.

For example:

1. Money
No, we don’t pay, but a lot of our writers nevertheless make several thousand dollars per guest post by linking to their own (or affiliate) product and service sales funnels in their bylines. They also give credits to own blog or website to boost traffic. We have no problem with it. In fact, we’re proud of them for being so clever.
2. Exposure
Selfblogger is quickly becoming one of the most popular blogs on the web. At a bare minimum, tens of thousands of people will read your post. If your post goes viral, as they sometimes do here, you could reach hundreds of thousands or even millions.
3. Social sharing
Writing awesome content for other blogs too? Tell us about it, and if it’s relevant to our readers, we’ll share it on Twitter and Google+. Over time, this can be worth thousands of visitors to your own blog and other guest posts. You can also share your own post to social networks for attracting sharing icons
4. Introductions
If there’s someone you’d like to get to know, but you’re not quite sure how to contact them, just ask us for an introduction. If we know them, and we think it’s a good fit, we’ll introduce you. Lots of popular bloggers also read selfblogger, and if they like your post, it’ll put you on their radar.
5. Affiliate promotions
About to launch your own product and wondering how to get the word out? Well, just send us a copy of it, and we will take a look. No promises about promoting it, but being a writer for us at least guarantees you’ll be considered. And if we do promote you, you’ll make tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
6. Training
Our editors are some of the best in the world, and their job isn’t just to check for quality. It’s also to help you become a better writer. Yes, going through all the revisions is annoying, but you’ll learn about how to write in the process. And you won’t have paid us a dime to teach you.

Write for us - selfblogger

Put all of those benefits together, and each guest post you publish for us is potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. In return, we expect your very best. We give chance for selected writers to publish their articles on niche topics in our upcoming journal & magazine. You will get intro about this in a month.

And let’s be clear…

Not every post you pitch us will be accepted. At any given time, we are considering posts from different writers across the web, and only the unique &  effective will be published. So you have to pay attention towards your content which is not copied from somewhere. Try to write content in your words which is much effective. If your post won’t get published then our editorial staff will help you in doing best with your article.

So, what does it take? Start write for us!

Glad you asked. 🙂