6 Reasons Why Dedicated Server Hosting is Best for Your Website

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Why Dedicated Server Hosting is best for your website

Every small and big business has many options to choose from for hosting their website. These options include shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. Among these, shared web hosting is the most preferred option not only among business owners, but among all needing web hosting.

But, as far as businesses are considered, sooner or later this turns out to be a poor choice. Because shared web hosting does not provide as much power, control and security that a business website may need. Therefore, for business websites,hosting on a dedicated server is the best option. Dedicated servers provide the best hosting features that a business or commercial website needs.

Let’s see why a dedicated server hosting is the best option for hosting your website.

  1. Your Own Unique IP Address

Every server has a single and unique IP address. In shared web hosting, where hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server, all these websites share the same IP address. The disadvantage of sharing an IP address is that if any of these website is reported for spamming or hosting objectionable content, then it may get blacklisted. And subsequently, this affects all the websites sharing that IP address.

By getting a dedicated server, your website gets a unique IP address which is just for your website and is not shared with any other website. So, you don’t have to worry about mischievous activities of anybody else. Use MXToolbox to check your server for IP blacklisting.

  1. No Sharing of Server Resources

In shared web hosting, since you are sharing the server with many other websites, so you have to share the server resources (CPU, RAM, Hard Disk, Bandwidth, etc.) as well. There is a competition among websites to get enough resources for their proper working.

In managed dedicated server hosting, your website has full access to the server resources and you are the sole user of your dedicated server. Your website will never face any hindrance in resource utilization and work flawlessly to deliver great performance.

  1. Protection from Malicious Activities On Other Sites

Just like your shared IP address can be blacklisted due to malicious activities done by others, similarly your website may face severe security issues due to the sharing of resources with other websites. If any of the websites on a shared server is attacked by a malware or a virus or get hacked, your website will also become highly vulnerable due to inadequate security measures in shared hosting.

With a dedicated server, your website is completely secure as it is isolated from others. Also, you can install appropriate security measures to secure your website and protect it as good as you want and never worry about your website getting down due to malicious intent of others.

  1. Greater Flexibility, Control & Freedom

A shared hosting server is overloaded with websites and it does not allow a website to claim a part of server resources. It allow all websites to use any part of the server and it does not provide any limitation of usage. But, the real fact is that it does not provide any control over server resource to any website.

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But, for better performance it is necessary that your website have control over its server resources and a dedicated server provides this control. In dedicated server hosting, you not only get control over the server resources, but also the flexibility and freedom to use them as per the requirements of your website.

  1. Enhanced Performance & Best Server Uptime

In a shared hosting server, you will never get the optimum level of performance that you expect your website to deliver. It is because your website never gets enough resources to deliver great performance as the shared server is overloaded with too many websites. This even results in frequent server downtime.

To bring the best performance out of your website, you must host it on a dedicated server, which will provide necessary resources to your website and ensures highest server uptime, so that your website always remains up and running.

  1. Best Security

The shared hosting server is the most unsecure from security point of view. It does not have proper security measures in place and hosting hundreds of websites makes it even more unsecure.

For best security, the dedicated server is the best option. It is most secure as it has great security features and there is not any other website to make it unsecure. On your dedicated server, you can install the best software and applications for protection against every kind of possible attack.

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These above mentioned reasons state that a dedicated server is the best option for your website, especially if you are running a professional business or commercial website and need a great and consistent performance from your website.

Dedicated Server Hosting

As a final suggestion, it is obvious that you must purchase your dedicated server from the best dedicated server provider. For this, it is highly recommended that you get it from ZNetLive, which is a very reliable and trusted provider of managed dedicated servers and all type of hosting solutions. You can check ZNetLive Review before making your next purchase.

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