Ten Tips for Accelerating Your Pipeline

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Ten Tips for Accelerating Your Pipeline

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Over 25% of sales cycles take 7 months or longer to close (Harvard University). That’s why it’s important for marketers and salespeople alike to start thinking about the health of their sales cycle — because the longer your sales cycle, the longer it takes to bring in revenue.

Fortunately, tools like marketing automation can automate many of the marketing and sales tasks that slow your teams down. And with more time on their hands, marketing can focus on sourcing and nurturing the right leads, and sales can concentrate on closing deals. This white paper will cover all of the ways that marketing automation can help accelerate your pipeline, including:

  • how an efficient lead management process can improve sales and marketing alignment, positively impacting the pace of your sales cycle
  • how you can continue to build relationships throughout the length of your sales cycle with lead nurturing and automated follow-up
  • how you can diagnose the health of your sales funnel with improved reporting
  • a look at how you can bring in and retain customers with marketing automation

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10 Proven tips for accelerating your pipeline with marketing automation:

  1. Save time with automated lead qualification.
  2. Save even more time with automated lead assignment
  3. Take advantage of detailed prospect tracking
  4. Build 1:1 relationships with your prospects
  5. Nurture leads who are actively participating in the research process
  6. Then, nurture leads who aren’t yet ready to buy
  7. Have your sales team automate follow-ups
  8. Start reporting
  9. Use sales funnel reports to diagnose the health of your sales pipeline
  10. Report on campaigns, too

This white paper will walk you through ten ways that marketing automation can help you shorten the length of your sales cycle — without the additional investment in time and resources. Get Your free copy of ebook here.


The shorter your sales cycle, the sooner you can bring in new clients and customers (read: revenue). And when revenue is at stake, why not do everything in your power to ensure that your sales cycle is as optimized as possible?

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More and more companies are making the transition to marketing automation to help them with this optimization process. With capabilities like lead nurturing, lead scoring and grading, and sales funnel reporting, marketing automation has become the smart choice for marketing and sales teams that are looking to shorten their sales cycles and bring in even more revenue — without having to invest in additional headcount. Get Free E-book

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