TDWS Hosting Review

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TD Web Services Review

In-Depth TDWS Hosting Review

TD Web Services (TDWS) is a worldwide provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud technology strategically placed in a growing number of data centers and network points of presence around the world.

TDWS customers range from web startups to global enterprises. Products and services include basic shared plans, Business Hosting, bare metal, cloud servers, private cloud solutions, and more. TDWS also have a reputable cloud service that allows every business to dwell. They have a customer priority policy that meets every hosting need.

With TDWS, you great capabilities from a state-of-the-art platform and team, complete with a thoughtful methodology for designing, deploying, and managing your infrastructure.

Available Hosting Products 

TDWS offers a variety of flexible web hosting services that cater for every client needs. They are a leader in Cloud Storage.

With nearly 36% of all worldwide data expected to be held within cloud servers by the end of 2016, TD Web Services has worked hard to cement its position as the leading cloud storage global web host. SME’s and business enterprises are switching to cloud storage because of scalability in the use of digital media and achieving far faster disaster recovery times. TD Web Services provides 25 GB of cloud storage for each of its hosting plans.

The rest of the different web hosting plans are uniquely tailored to meet various hosting needs while ensuring that you only pay for services you use.

This means that you will still be in capable hands when your online business grows and out-paces your current plan.

TD Web Services ensures capable support is available when the need to scale up your plans to fit every new need arises. Their servers are flexible enough to give you any extra bandwidth and storage space you may need. Their in-house professionals guide you through the entire upgrade process. They have plans to suit WordPress bloggers, small business enterprises and even large commercial organizations.

#1  Small Web Hosting

This plan is intended for small websites and blogs that just kicked off or those that are yet to grow. This plan starts at $3/month and you get a 1 GB server storage space and 20 GB monthly bandwidth. Add 25 GB of cloud storage to the plan and you are set to go.

#2  Medium Hosting plan

This is perfect for popular websites and blogs. It starts at $4.50 per month with 5 GB storage, 100GB of monthly bandwidth and 25 GB cloud storage.

With this plan, you also get a free domain when you make an annual subscription.

#3  Large Business Hosting Plans

If your online business needs more resources than those provided with the small and medium plan, you can go with the large business plan and get 15 GB storage, 300 monthly bandwidth and 25 GB cloud storage with TD Web Services’ Large hosting plan at the price of $9 per month. A free domain name is also included with this package if you make an annual subscription.

#4  Super Hosting

Get 25 GB storage, 25 GB cloud storage and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth at $18/ month with the Super plan for blogs and websites that have massive traffic.

As earlier mentioned, all these hosting plans come with weekly antivirus and malware scans, local and remote weekly data backups and a 99.990% server uptime guarantee. Read more on TD Web Services hosting plans here.


TD Web Services offer their customers affordable packages, allowing everybody to get a comfortable working plan for every need. Their services match in quality with all of the household names in the market. You get the flexibility to start small and upgrade gradually according to your future plans, a feature that is not always guaranteed with every web host.

To add to their incredible prices, you can enjoy regular discounts and coupons from this company and from most of their main products if not all to grow your online business.

Running Coupons from TDWS

TDWS Internet Security


For a website, nothing is more important than its uptime. TD Web Services stay true to this fact and prove capable of performing for 24/7 on end. To make this possible, they have invested in powerful servers and established network connections that are not easily disrupted.

The minimum uptime that should be expected from any professional web host provider is 99.99% which TDWS strive to provide with great success. Where uptime is concerned, anything less than that means you are risking your business.


All TD web Services clients have an unrestricted access to server-side website performance data for their domains via the AWStats tool. You can discover your website visitors’ trends and actions with the powerful AWStats visitor statistics tool.

TDWS Cpanel VS Plesk

Whether you are a tech-savvy or a beginner you should be able to manage simple processes like setting up your email and FTP accounts and installing WordPress without necessarily calling for support from your hosting company. If your provider uses any of Plesk or cPanel, this might make work easier for you.

Domains are accessible for FTP uploads and domain management through the updated and secure control panel available for every domain hosted at TD Web Services. The cPanel allows you to upload files securely through dragging and dropping, run free installation scripts and access your databases. You can also, among other tasks, create FTP accounts and email accounts within this powerful cPanel.

Install Popular Scripts with One Click

WordPress fans can easily access and install the Softaculous script package in a quick 5 minutes. This simple installation of scripts frees you to do more work and focus on getting your website running.

TDWS Pros:

  • Faster loading speeds with state-of-the-art server hardware and software.
  • 24/7/365 expert customer support team that is keen to listen to all your suggestions, and treats you with integrity and honesty.
  • Access to a powerful cPanel for all your domain management needs and one-click script installations.
  • Data security and free weekly scans for viruses and malware. Free weekly data backups and 99.990% server uptime guarantee.
  • Scalability that allows greater server resources as your website grows.
  • Free cloud storage for greater data accessibility and syncing.
  • Support, security and greater performance speed with the managed WordPress hosting that lets you work more and worry less.
  • A 30 day full money back guarantee.

TDWS Cons:

The many hosting plans may be confusing for new clients, but they offer the much-needed flexibility and affordability.

Flexibility and Room to Grow


This is a vital factor to consider with your potential web host. Flexibility in web hosting translates to whether or not the plans on offer by a certain web host fit into your current plans and a scalable for the future. A hosting package that you might consider adequate now may not might meet your needs in the coming future say 1-3 years when your online business hits new milestones and you start welcoming more traffic to your site.

From shared hosting, to business, resell options, dedicated servers and more, TDWS allows you to have flexible options at your disposal.


TD Web Services Conclusion

With many people working and earning online, the phenomenal growth in the web has created a massive market and expression space for everyone. Bloggers are able to speak-out while entrepreneurs and business organizations are able to harness the power of the micro-chip to grow their businesses. This has led to an increasing demand for reliable, secure and faster hosting server performance that is not only scalable for growth but also handles emerging technologies and needs such as cloud storage.

TD Web Services is a leader in website hosting and is committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction with servers running on the latest technologies. In web hosting, you don’t need millions of choices to make the right call. All you need is a company you can trust and more so, one that can grow your business. TD Web Services is a company with such qualities and my recommended pick of the day.


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