How to Install WordPress using Softaculous

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Hey folks, Want to install wordpress using softaculous?

install wordpress using softaculous

In my previous article i wrote about manual installation of wordpress on your hosting account. You can read it here

♦  How to install wordpress manually?

Here in this article i am going to provide you detail (Step-by-step) guide on how to install wordpress using softaculous. Softaculous is an automatic installer software which installs most of the scripts (including WordPress, Joomla etc) within just 5 min. Softaculous provided by your hosting company which is located in control panel of your website. You could see softaculous under software section in cpanel named as “Softaculous Apps Installer“.

This is easiest & quick method of installing wordpress. It will take just few minutes (Approx. 2-5 min) for installation without having any extra coding skills. Follow below steps to install fully functional wordpress on your website using softaculous apps installer.

#  Step 1  Login to your cpanel

Find Softaculous in cpanel

At the very first level, you have to login using credentials to your control panel. Login credentials given by your web host after purchasing web hosting. If you didn’t find credentials of your website cpanel, then contact your web host & note down this credentials. After login you will find Softaculous Apps Installer in software section which is located in lower part of cpanel, if you can’t find then simply search softaculous using search bar placed in header of cpanel. Then click on Softaculous icon, this will redirect you in auto installer homepage where you will see lots of scripts/ Apps with description(including version info, reviews, demo etc).

Install wordpress using softaculous

#  Step 2  Locate wordpress and install

You can find wordpress easily in softaculous page as WordPress is in featured & most downloaded category of softaculous installer. Also, you can find wordpress shortcut on homepage of cpanel. If you didn’t see wordpress icon on softaculous homepage then select category of scripts Blog from left side of that page. You will definitely find wordpress there.

Homepage of Softaculous

Click on wordpress, it will shows version info, description, demo, reviews etc on the preceding page. You just need to click on Install button which is in blue color.

Overview of WordPress in Softaculous

#  Step 3  Software Setup

After clicking on Install button you will see software setup tab with blank fields. You will need to fill this information for completion of wordpress setup. I am going to tell you details about every field.

Setup screen of wordpress

  • Software setup: In that section there will be 3 fields choose protocol, choose domain & directory. If you are using SSL protocol for your website then choose ” https:// ” protocol otherwise leave it as it is. Default protocol is ” http:// ” if you want www version of website like ( then choose ” http://www ” protocol otherwise leave it as ( )
  • Site Setting: The second one is site setting where you will see 2 fields site name & site description. Enter site name (title) as you want & fill short information about your website in site description. Below that  you have option to choose multi-site or not, if you are newbie here & want to setup only one blog then leave this box blank.
  • Admin account: You have to enter admin username, password & admin email in this section. Choose whatever username you want & fill password. “Avoid username as Admin to prevent attack on your blog ” Enter email id of admin, if you have email of your own domain i.e. then enter it here otherwise fill any of other email address of your own.
  • Choose Language: English is default language, if you want wordpress in some other language then specify it here.
  • Advanced Options: Here you can find database name,  table prefix which if prefilled by default. If you want to change it then write your own here. You can find some options below about upgrade of wordpress, plugins or themes. Just tick all auto upgrade options which gonna keep your wordpress & its extensions upto date.
  • Select theme: If you want to select theme from below list then select otherwise you can change it later in theme section of wordpress dashboard. Just hit install button after this step.

# Step 4  Checking submitted data

Softaculous checking submitted data

After hitting install button, softaculous will check the data you submitted in previous tab and giving you error if any. If error occurs then you have to complete previous step of software setup again. This will install wordpress setup files on your web server.

#  Step 5  Success installation of wordpress

After some time of checking submitted data, you will see welcome screen which gives you links of your wordpress & its login page. If you click on”Return to Overview” you will find details of your current installations on the lower part of wordpress overview page.

Welcome screen after completion of wordpress installation process

#  Step 6  Login to your wordpress

Finally, wordpress installed on your server & now you are going to login wordpress using login link ( Login screen look like this where you need to fill admin username & password which is choose by you in software setup tab (step 3)

Homepage of wordpress site


Softaculous is popular for quick one click auto installation of scripts. If you want to know more about softaculous then go to their website. If you find any missing step in above process then kindly mention in comment section & share this articles to them who are newbie to wordpress.


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