How to Install WordPress Manually?

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In this tutorial, I will provide you detail (step-by-step) information on how to install wordpress manually in your web hosting account. I think you know what wordpress is and what wordpress do, if not then refer this article to know more about wordpress. [ WordPress: Blog Tool, Publishing Platform and CMS ]

Well, there are two (or more) options for installing wordpress:

  • You can Install wordpress using Automatic installer such as Fantastico, Softaculous, or Installatron. Usually these automatic installers are given by your web host. They provide you one click wordpress installation directly on your website or blog. [Read: How to Install WordPress using Softaculous ]
  • You can install wordpress manually if you are not willing to use automatic installer or else. Here in this article i will discuss about this option “Manual Installation of WordPress

How to install wordpress manually?

Follow these steps sequentially if you want to perform fresh new installation. This procedure is bit complex than others, but not so difficult if you have done all following steps carefully.

# Step 1  Download WordPress Installation Package

While starting installation process, first you need the total package of wordpress setup files. Don’t worry, you will get this package free of cost from wordpress official website. Click here to download wordpress installation package. When you open link, you will see the page look like this
Download the WordPress installation package
You just need to click on Download WordPress 4.4 (4.4 is the latest version of wordpress till date. ) I always recommend you to keep your wordpress updated to latest version to avoid errors. Also one important thing, don’t ever download wordpress from any of other website than WordPress official website-
After downloading wordpress package (either in .zip or .tar.gz format), extract it to new folder on your hard disk. You can use winrar or winzip to extract zip files. Now your wordpress installation package is ready for upload. Jump to next step for uploading these files.

# Step 2  Upload wordpress files on your server

For uploading extracted wordpress files on your own server i.e. web server, you need the following information of web hosting account.

  1. Login credentials of your web hosting control panel.
  2. FTP login credentials (If you don’t know about ftp then click here)
  3. An FTP client software (i.e. File Zilla, SmartFTP, coreftp etc)

FTP upload is the easiest method of uploading files to your web server. If you bear problem regarding FTP upload, you can contact me. I don’t describe how to setup FTP in this article, will write detailed guide on this later. Till you can read siteground tutorial on FTP setup: FTP Tutorial – How use FTP for file transfer Or view below video for complete FTP process using SmartFTP.

« If you want your wordpress will be accessible from your main domain (, then you need to upload all files in public_html folder »

However if you want to setup blog on sub-domain or other part of your website (like or then you need to create sub folder in public_html folder. Many web host supports file manager which is also used to upload files in directory.

# Step 3  Create MySQL database for wordpress

After uploading files to your server, you must need to create MySQL database to store wordpress data & assign users for that database with full access permissions. For detailed instructions on how to do that, please follow the steps described in siteground tutorial on How to Create MySQL Username and Database. Once you created database for your wordpress, assign users to that database. Must note down the following things about your database for further use

  1. Name of database
  2. Admin username of database
  3. Password of admin username
  4. Credentials of other database users if any.

Create a MySQL Database for WordPress

# Step 4  Connecting WordPress to your database

If you want to checkout whether wordpress install on your server or not, then open your browser & type your domain url. You will see following message on your screen “There doesn’t seem to be a wp-config.php file. I need this before we can get started” This message means wordpress is installed on your server and you are ready to connect your database to wordpress.
Error Connecting WordPress to Database
Click the “Create a Configuration File” button which will open up a page which ask details of your database which you note down in last step. If you are ready with your database credentials then click on “Let’s go”.
Welcome Screen WordPress database setup
The page with blank fields open where you need to fill details of database including name, username, password etc.  Just fill up details and click on “Submit” button. Sometimes (maybe for older versions) you will see a confirmation screen after submit button. Press the Run the Install button to proceed after this.
MySQL database setup for wordpress

# Step 5  Give name to your site & create site user

Now you will see welcome screen look like this.
Naming your site and creating users
In that welcome screen you need to enter your website name in “Site title” field. After that you have to choose username & password for your website, this user going to be site administrator.  Enter your email id (this can be change later as per your requirement). In addition to this, you can specify whether you would want search engines to index your site or not. If you don’t want to index your website then don’t tick on that block. Once you fill in that information, press the Install WordPress button.
That’s it. You will see success message on screen which shows you that your new wordpress successfully installed on server, just go to login page and use credentials to log in wordpress site.


WordPress is much popular for its 5 minute quick install. While it’s reasonably safe to say it takes 5 minutes or less to get the site installed once you have got the files in the right place & the database up and running. Here i had explain few steps to install wordpress manually on your site, hope you will like it. Also this article helps more to beginner who didn’t know much more about wordpress.
In next articles i will explain step-by-step guide on other installation process of wordpress. Stay tuned to get more updates of selfblogger. If you don’t want to be in that complex process then you can Hire Me for your blog setup. I will setup your blog, create database & assign users also. You just site back & relaxed!
Like & share this article to needy ones who are facing issues regarding installation process of wordpress. Also comment if you have any doubt about manual installation of wordpress on your blog.

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