Essential 3rd Party Services for Your Website [Specially for wordpress]

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Having a strong online presence is a cornerstone of any up-and-coming 21st century business. However, every online presence begins and ends with your website. This is why it is essential to make your website be both visually pleasing and practical. Now, when it comes to website design, this is a whole different story but speaking of practicality, you will heavily rely on third party services. Here are some WordPress (WP) plugins that are essential for your site.

#1 AddThis

Addthis logo

Not surprisingly, a very large number of websites also have a blog or news section. Because of this, they are in desperate need for a plugin like AddThis. By sharing links to these posts on social networks you will not only gain likes but also a lot of attention to your website.

#2 Disqus

Disqus Logo
As we all know it, spam in blogs is one of the greatest plights of digital age. In order for your website to be taken seriously you need to find an adequate way to deal with it once and for all. Disqus helps here a great deal since it won’t allow anyone comment unless they are logged in via their Facebook or Twitter account.

#3 Tickera

When it comes to hosting an event management website, what you need is a way to deal with distribution and sales of tickets. Here, you could use a reliable event ticketing plugin. Not only will Tickera allow you to assume direct control over the distribution but also increase your profit by eliminating the middleman.

#4 Olark

Olark Image
Next thing you will need is a reliable chat service through which you can communicate with your website’s visitors. In this situation, Olark is your safest bet since it allows you to both customize design and chat on the go. Seeing how this provides you with invaluable feedback, it is definitely not something you should miss out on.

#5 MailChimp Newsletter Signup

mailchimp logo

Those who tried to collect emails addresses for their newsletter without third party software know all too well how difficult this task is. In order to avoid difficulties such as these in the future, you can always use MailChimp Newsletter Signup. Regardless where your visitors sign up, you will have all their emails in one place.

#6 Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

It is true that we are very visual beings and that everything we see affects us. This is why, everything concerning your website design counts. Google Web Fonts will allow you to take at least one thing off this menu. We are of course talking about the font of your website. You no longer need to settle for whatever was on by default since now you truly have a wide selection.

#7 Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Whenever we need answers, we turn to Google for help. This is proven once more – if we are to do a market research we first need to have the right digital tool for the task. Google Analytics gives you an insight in digital behavior of your visitors. Where they were before visiting your site, where they went afterwards, as well as what and how many times did they click. The best of all is that this software is completely free.

#8 Facebook Developer Tools

Facebook Developer tools

As for the impact of social media on your site, there is a way to do something to turn the tides in your favor. By using Facebook Developer Tools, you will get a whole array of Facebook used plugins to do with them as you see fit. When it comes to user friendliness, this third party service is definitely second to none.

Where there is will, there is always a way, and whenever you feel like your website is lacking something, it may just mean that you should install another plugin. In other words, these third party services are always at your disposal to use and combine as you see fit.

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