Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server: What Does Your Website Need?

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Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server What Does Your Website Need

Which hosting service is right for me- Virtual private server or dedicated server?

We get this query a lot of times from small and medium businesses and businesses on shared hosting outgrowing their allocated resources. We normally recommend cloud hosting as cloud offers various advantages over traditional hosting, encompassing cost-effectiveness, centralized IT management and resource scalability as and when needed.

But it’s true that all hosting services come with their fixed set of strengths and weaknesses. So, depending upon your requirements, you’ve to choose the best option for your business. Here’s a quick roundup of two important hosting services- Cloud VPS and dedicated servers:

 Cloud VPSDedicated Servers
ResourcesUnlike traditional VPS, Cloud VPS provides ability of increasing or decreasing allotted resources – RAM, storage, CPU etc. as per your business workloads.In dedicated server hosting, you have complete server and resources as you’re the sole owner. So, no scarcity of resources but scaling them per business needs may be a cumbersome task.
StorageCloud VPS comes with SAN storage. Storage Area Network (SAN), is a scalable and centralized storage that provides for data connections with high-bandwidth.Dedicated servers use local storage that cannot be scaled up or down as per business needs.
BillingPay as you go billing of Cloud VPS ensures that you pay for what you strictly need and not a penny more. JDedicated servers are mostly billed monthly and you pay for fixed resources irrespective of whether you use them or not.
Control Since Cloud VPS is a fully managed offering, control is in the hands of service provider. ZNetlive’s Cloud Virtual Private Servers are fully managed and come with dedicated support.With dedicated server, you get complete control on server and can add software, applications and performance enhancing measures as per your wish.
Load BalancingCloud VPS hosting comes with load balancing feature – for boosting resource availability, workloads are divided among various cloud resources.As there’s only one server, there’s no cloud balancing feature in dedicated servers.
Fault ToleranceEach and every bit of Cloud VPS is redundant. If one node fails, virtual machine is moved to another node immediately. So, zero downtime for your site.Since dedicated server is a standalone server, you’ll face downtime if any component or server fails.
Security Every measure is taken by your Cloud hosting service provider through encryption, backup, firewalls etc. to safeguard your Cloud VPS.For your dedicated server, you need to take measures for installing software and tools for safeguarding your business data.

Hope our write-up will help you in choosing the right hosting solution depending upon your business requirements. Any feedback regarding the same is welcome.

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