Best Seo Tips to Optimize YouTube Video

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There are many techniques to get tons of views to your YouTube videos. But in this article I am going to share best techniques to get views to your videos. Read awesome Best SEO Tips to Optimize YouTube Video hassle free. I have seen many channel on YouTube and also checked their videos. Most of the people don’t know how to optimize their video before publishing on YouTube. Publishing video without optimizing may lead to no views & no subscribers to your channel. So below i have shared some of the best techniques to optimize your video.

8 Important SEO tips to optimize youtube video

Best Seo Tips to Optimize YouTube Video

#1 Insert Right keyword According To Your Video

Before publishing video do some keyword research as this will help you to know what people are searching for. You can use Google keyword planner tool to find exact keyword related to your video type. While research for main keyword also find alternate keywords and use them organically into your title and description in the process of optimization.

#2 Add Keyword In Your Video File name

After finding main keyword and primary keyword you have to insert main keyword in your video file name. While adding file name insert your main keyword in it. Properly name your file while inserting keyword as it shouldn’t look like you have stuffed keyword in your file name. Don’t just add keyword in a file name also form good sentence as it will help Google and YouTube to know about your video. For example I will tell you how you should name a file name and insert your keyword organically. If your keyword is “Word press hosting” you should name your file as “Reliable word press hosting for beginners”. If you name your video and insert your keyword in organic and natural way it will be easy for you to get enough views to your video as it will be easy for YouTube or Google to know much about your video.

#3 Inserting Proper Title & Description into Your Video

Mostly you should add your main keyword at starting of your title and your alternate keyword with your video information in your title and description. The more text associated with your video is better for that video to be visible in YouTube. Description is important in your video every video should have minimum 200 to 400 words. Don’t forget to add all of your keyword variation & secondary keywords in your description. But make sure you don’t just list your keywords but that all the keywords should have good flow in description and titles. Don’t forget to add your landing page or your website’s url at the top of your description so that it is easily seen by Google and YouTube. You should also add your video url at the bottom of the description & also add link to your channel.

#4 Using Tags in Your Video

The biggest thing to remember is to not over use tags. Google and YouTube finds annoying you add tons of tags and it is very hard for them to determine exactly what your video is all about. All you need to do is put in your main keywords and your channel name for all of your video with the related video fields.

#5 Add Transcript to Your Video

ADD TRANSCRIPT TO YOUR VIDEOYou can upload it by simply captions head under your video. Video transcript is word to word transcript of your audio and your video by which Google and YouTube indicates what your video is exactly all about. Don’t skip this step.

#6 Channel Promotion & Adding Playlists

The stronger your channel is it is easy for you to rank your videos. There are five things to increase the power behind the channel you can get real views, you will get real subscribers, you will get real comments on your videos, and also you can build back links for your channel. All you need to do script playlist using your keyword and throw your video in that playlist. YouTube is going to realize that you got a playlist with your main keyword and they will give little more weight to that video.

#7 Staying Active on Social Site

Social indicators are quickly becoming important ranking factor to your video. For example face book likes, twitter shares, Google + and interest are extremely important. Apart from Google algorithms changes going on and I strongly recommend to focus out lot of your time on social sites. Few things you can do it to like post in your profiles so you have a facebook profile or interest or twitter profile go ahead upload your videos their and show it with your audience. But when you do that you should always encourage them to like and share so you can maximize the amount of social indicators from one post.

#8 Building Back links for Your Video

The more website you have linking to your video the more powerful your video become all you should be careful from spammy backlinks and spammy embeds and to many junk backlinks can negatively effect on your videos ranking. Social bookmarks, Article marketing, we 2.0’s & wikis and also check with document sharing sites like
So these were some of the best seo tips on optimize YouTube video. You can also check article on Make money with YouTube Partner Program. Share this article on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.


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