Top 10 Best Free Tumblr Themes 2016

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In the times of social media, everything is on the go and online whether it is an article or pictures or just some quote you can relate to. One of the most buzzing social media platforms today is Tumblr, a blogging and microblogging site which allows you to express your ideas and explore other people’s ideas as well. In such a scenario creating an impact is a necessity so to adorn your posts we bring you the best themes that can turn up your wow factor online while fitting you and your needs perfectly. Start your chain of thought on Tumblr as we give a shout out to the top 10 best free tumblr themes that will surely make heads turn!

List of top 10 Best Free Tumblr Themes

#1 Yuki

Yuki - #1 Best Free Tumblr Theme

If photography is your passion and you love to show your crazy skills online then Yuki is the theme for you. It is grid based and just goes straight to the images and thumbnails where people can click on and know more about how the magic happened. The minimalistic design promises you attention won’t be divided and your photos can seize the day and hearts.

#2 Ashley

Ashley - #2 Best Free Tumblr Theme

Versatility adds color and spice to the life but when it comes to choosing a theme which can keep up with all the different content, it’s nothing short of a challenge! Ashley presents a quick solution to that. Its minimalistic and content oriented design can adjust to any content you wish to put up. And it can be even customized to your needs or moods by quickly changing fonts that work with your content. So spill your heart and art out.

#3 Material Designed

Material Designed - #3 Best Free Tumblr Theme

There are times when we all wish if this theme was a bit more like this. Or maybe that. Or maybe both? We all want themes the way we imagine them and with Material Design you can give life to your imagination! It is a bit skimpy, we agree but designing our own themes just takes the cake. So get on and at it! Chalk up a design with a solid foundation!

#4 Verse

Verse - #4 Best Free Tumblr Theme

Flexible, modern, with a rock solid theme. Verse gets straight to the point and with the headlines and customizable sidebars you make a point as well as an impression. Use google analytics to monitor your record while allowing yourself the pleasure to connect oversocial media platforms such as Facebook, Flickr, Github, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, WordPress, and YouTube. With Verse make the headlines, like literally!

#5 Volume

Volume - #5 Best Free Tumblr Theme

Take your eyes on a colorful ride that you will never forget! Volume provides a visual based platform where grids of quotes and exotic pictures will leave your heart scrolling for more. Its customizable colors and images ensure that the viewer would be left speechless. Try it out for yourself, a theme for your eyes only.

#6 Simplify

Simplify - #6 Best Free Tumblr Theme

It is often the beauty of the writing and the simplicity of the posts that seize the heart. Simplify provides a simple yet elegant theme for bloggers who just love to blog. Google analytics being enabled you can even the heads that turn towards your blog. No more overcrowding or sharing the limelight. It’s all about the love for blogging.

#7 Oscar

Oscar - #7 Best Free Tumblr Theme

Lights! Camera! And Attention!!! Whether it is just an article or a very thoughtful post, the new Oscar theme just catches the eye! It provides all the modern features like customizing your blogs and themes and a shout out to the passerby while keeping all traditional features like comment system, analytics and social media icons intact. Bringing together the best of both worlds it also promises that onlookers just won’t miss the Oscar!

#8 Skyfall

Skyfall - #8 Best Free Tumblr Theme

A picture is worth a thousand words! Or at least it leads up to them! Skyfall emphasizes on the pictures that speak of your story before words spill the secrets out. The colourful theme catches the eye and the pictures tell a story and when you click on the pictures you unveil the secrets behind them through a lightbox. Uploaded more than one post? No problem! The reader can browse through them as they navigate on from the homepage. The unique design draws attention while your pictures can mesmerize without using words. So let your pictures do all the talking!

#9 Writing Pad

Writing Pad - #9 Best Free Tumblr Theme

Writing allows you to venture parts inside that mostly stay hidden and lost in their own charm. Writing Pad is customized as a journal with its tilted typography and grungy background that allures the writer hidden in you to come out. The theme at one glance shouts “Writer” to the onlookers while letting you venture freely through the pages of your personal online journal. Let the writer in you flourish as you pour you heart out.

#10 Lets Go Pink

Lets Go Pink - #10 Best Free Tumblr Theme

When in doubt, try pink! This ultra-feminine theme is simple, classy and girly all the way! It gives you a chance to be creative while providing space to brag about yourself with a side widget bar. So what are you waiting for? Go pink while others turn green with jealousy.


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