Article Marketing: The Worst Kept Secret to Success

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Article marketing means writing interesting articles related to your niche, and then submitting them to article directories to generate links back to your website. The links to your website will help boost your search engine rankings, and if the article is interesting enough, will help bring traffic to your site.

Article Marketing-The Worst Kept Secret to Success

It’s a simple, powerful, and best of all, free way to generate interest in your website and the product or service you have to offer. When you submit your article to one of these directories, you are giving people permission to use your article as content for your site—with one condition—they won’t change the link to your website. So, this is a one two punch. You’ll have a link to your website on the article directory itself, and you’ll also get a link each time someone chooses your article as content on their own website.

Want to try this for yourself? Here’s a step-by-step process to help you get started.

Think About Your Article Topics First

You will need to have fresh, new, content if you want the article directories to accept your articles. It is okay to use private label rights (PLR) material, but you must re-write it or add more material to it. If you’re tempted to use it as-is, remember there are plenty of other people who have had the same idea—with the same directory.

The nature of PLR means that hundreds, possibly thousands of people are using the same PLR articles you have, so you’ll have to make some changes to make yourself different from the rest of them.

Article Topics Count

If you have a specific niche you want to promote, pick a topic related to that particular niche that would interest your readers and write 300-700 words on that particular subject.

If there is a certain niche you’re looking to promote, choose a topic related to the niche that you know readers would find interesting. Write anywhere from 300 to 700 words on the subject.

For instance, if web design is your passion, your topics could be:

  • Color Theory: What Your Color Scheme Says About Your Company
  • Designing for Usability: Make it Easy for Your Visitors
  • Top 10 WordPress Plugins for X
  • Top 10 Free WordPress Themes
  • Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes

Make a list of everything you know about your passion, and you’ll have plenty of topic ideas for your articles. Try to have a little fun with your topics.

Think about what you are selling online, whether it is memberships, software, or e-books, and the benefits of purchasing the products you have to offer. Then, turn each of those benefits into an article to send you targeted traffic.

For instance, let’s say you’ve made a business of e-books about how to solve various problems. You can write articles about how to solve those problems, providing just enough information to keep your readers interested and wanting to know more. In the resource box for that article, you can include a link to the full book on the issue.

Article Marketing banner

Don’t Make Your Articles Advertisements

If your article is nothing more than a long, fancy advertisement for your product, then you are not going to find a single article directory that will publish it. Don’t waste your time.

Publishers are constantly looking for new content to present to their readers—content they don’t have to write themselves. Creating new content doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, but you will have to rework the content to make it both interesting and useful to the publisher’s readership.

That means: Provide a fresh perspective on old ideas

Most of what’s out there today can be restructured, either through changing the wording, changing the order of the information, or both, to make it a new piece of content for traffic generation.

People who turn to the Internet for information are searching for anything and everything you can imagine, and with a keyword tool, you can find out what they are looking for within your niche, and how many people are look for it.

Having this information available before you start writing articles to promote your products or services can help you make sure you are not wasting time with topics people aren’t actively searching for.

Offer a New Solution for an Old Problem Many Relate to

There is more than one way to get gum out of your hair, get rid of ants, remove stains from the carpet, and to save money on car insurance.

Everywhere you look, there’s a problem, and we all have plenty of them. If you can offer a list that promises a new way to overcome an everyday hassle, many publishers will accept it, because nearly everyone will be able to relate to the information you’re sharing.

The more creative you are, the greater chance you have of your articles being more widely circulated around the Internet. If you have a funny story behind how you discovered a solution, share it. Try to avoid writing in a technical manner, as this can get dry and boring fast. If you have more than one solution and can make several articles from a single problem, do it.

Develop a New Set of Steps to Accomplish Something for article marketing

Lots of people love step-by-step lists that show them things that will make their lives easier. This is definitely true when it comes to dealing with new technical aspects of social media and Web. Articles like this are in every article directory, and many people run to them. Most readers want to know how to master the vague processes responsible for so much of what they see online.

If you are one of the people who has already mastered one of these vague processes, you’ve hit the proverbial jackpot in terms of article topics. Start and the beginning, and write a step-by-step process that will work them all the way through the end.

Chances are you’re already familiar with these types of topics because you already see them in your email box every day. Things such as: You see examples in your email box all day long with titles like “5 Secrets To Mastering _______,” “5 Steps to ______” or “How to _____.”

5 To do list Steps

To get some ideas for new articles, read some of the articles in the directory that are on your niche. Since ideas cannot be copyrighted, you can use anything that pops into your head while reading the competition’s work.

Share a Family Recipe (Ask first!)

A lot of useful information and techniques are fading away as the new generations flock to the “new stuff” like hungry seagulls on a deserted beach. Our grandparents and great-grandparents hold the key to a lot of useful information and ways of doing things. As the new generation moves toward the new way of doing things, much like birds flying south for the winter, we are seeing that information fade away.

Share your Family Recipes

By reaching out to your ancestors and sharing the information they have to offer, with their permission of course, you can bring back their legacy, in the form of articles and eBooks that would be popular in our current society.

If you can’t reach out to your own ancestors, look to public domain repositories. The archived information there is a goldmine for old ideas that brought us to where we are today. Under most laws, this information is free for your use, however you wish to use it. It’s always a good idea to check the laws in your country to be sure, before you do anything with it.

You can find nearly anything you would need under public domain, including: movies, graphics and photos, music, software, plays, poetry, eBooks, and more.

Each Article Directory has Submission Guidelines You Must Follow

Though some article directories may have similar submission guidelines, you should not assume that they are all the same. When you are writing your articles, make sure you know and follow the guidelines for the director you are writing for. The article approval process is not automated—there is a real person there making sure your articles fall within the guidelines.

There are article submission serves out there that will charge a fee to submit your articles to hundreds of directories, but those services are not going to check and make sure your articles meet the publishing guidelines for each of those directories—that is your job.

For example, if the guidelines state that the title of your article has to have the first letter of each word capitalized, they will not accept articles with even one word not capitalized.

For instance, the guidelines may state the title of your article must have the first letter of each word capitalized, and they will refuse an article with a title that lacks just one word not being capitalized.

Acceptable: “Five Steps To A Successful Online Business”

Not Acceptable: “Five Steps to a Successful Online Business”

Here are a few of the most popular article directories to help get you started.

Ezine Articles

Article Dashboard

Article Marketer

Make sure you take the time to read each site’s article submission guidelines and follow them exactly. It will save you time and improve your acceptance rates if you take care of this before hand.

This is the process of article marketing which helps you to generate free traffic for your website. Read other methods of free traffic generation ” The Ultimate Guide on Free Traffic Generation for beginners

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